Beethoven: Not the Usual Suspects
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2020-09-09 15:58:44 UTC
From a recent Gramophone magazine: "With Beethoven recordings, it's often the same -- justifiably famous -- ones that regularly get recommended. We asked Rob Cowan to point us toward others -- some of the most inspired and inspiring interpretations you probably haven't heard simply because they fell under the radar. First I'll tell you what this piece isn't. 'Beethoven's greatest works'? No, there are too many masterpieces missing for that. 'The greatest recordings available'? Definitely not that either. My idea is to sidestep the rightly vaunted Beethoven celebrities ... and opt instead for names that may have yet to enter your household as Beethoven library fixtures. And there are so many to choose from. Here is a mere sampling, and a pretty personal one at that."

S-1 Czech PO/Kletzki
S-3 Orch of the 18th Cent/Bruggen (2011)
S-4 London Collegium/Casals ('59)
S-5 LSO/Dorati
S-6 La Chambre Philharmonique/Krivine
S-9 Bavarian RSO/Jochum
VC Huberman/Szell
PC-5 Mindru Katz/Barbirolli
Triple Concerto Conunova, Clein, Kadouch, Insula Orch/Equilbey
SQ 14 Op 131 Vlach Qt
SQ 15 Op 132 Vienna Konzerthaus Qt
Quintet for Piano & Winds Gulda/Vienna Phil Wind Ens
VS 9 Kreutzer Francescatti/Casadesus
Cello Sonata Shafran/Ginsburg
PS 8 Pathetique William Murdoch
PS 17 Tempest Frederic Lamond
PS 29 Hammerklavier Maria Grinberg
Diabelli Var Baumgartner
Missa solemnis BRSO/Kubelik

For your perusal.

2020-09-09 21:56:03 UTC

Most of these recordings are 50+ years old!
Whomever put together this list must be
living in a cave!


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