Schmidt: Book with Seven Seals
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Randy Lane
2018-09-25 18:42:25 UTC
I've been tempted to check out this release. But "It ain't cheap!".
It looks like something a gifted Bruckner conductor (Simone Young) could pull of well.

Anyone heard this?

2018-10-06 21:09:04 UTC
Yes, Young delivers a good — not great — performance of this masterpiece. The EMI with Welser-Möst or the Chandos with Kristian Järvi both deliver more bang for your buck. That said, there are two additional recordings that belong at the very top of the list: In knock-out sound and fiery interpretation, the hard-to-find (Japan) Christian Arming on Fontec has never been surpassed. And for the literally unique interpretation of Julius Patzak, who actually sang in the premiere performance in the 1930s, seek out the Amadeo/Philips recording from 1962 (long OOP) which has been rescued from undeserved oblivion by KlassicHaus — good early stereo and phenomenal singing of Patzak as the Evangelist St. John.