Pianist Marta Deyanova
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2018-07-27 21:19:03 UTC
Mentioned here before, but just “ discovered “ by me, worth hearing these ( ca.1990’s ?) Nimbus cd’s :

( Rachmaninoff Preludes, complete )

(Schubert, Sonata G major, D.894 )

Having Richter and Schnabel already in 894 ( perhaps another ) probably would not add hers , but even with Keene, Fiorentino, ,Richter ( some), others , in the Rachs, may consider adding hers if can find.

From LastFm site , but does not apear very current :

"Marta Deyanova first achieved critical recognition when she won First Prize at the Third National Competition for Children and Young Performers in her native Sofia, an early success which she soon consolidated with a Gold Medal at the Busoni International Competition in Italy and the First Prize at the Ninth World Youth Festival in Sofia. She went on to win the First Prize at the Cassagrande International Piano Competition in Italy, was a Laureate at Montreal and went on to win the First Prize at the Fifth Biennial of Laureates of International Competitions in Bordeaux. She also won the First Prize at the First International Tribune for Young Performers in Paris organised by UNESCO. The jury unanimously selected her to take part in the first Classical MIDEM in Cannes. Yehudi Menuhin, chairing the jury, wrote "I wish Marta Deyanova the international career she so richly deserves." A short time later, the eminent violinist Henryk Szeryng wrote: "Marta Deyanova is a really exceptional pianist. Her qualities as an instrumentalist and musician place her at the highest level of world pianism."
From the outset of her professional career Marta Deyanova undertook concert tours all over Europe, North and South America and Asia, appearing as a soloist with many internationally renowned orchestras including the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, the Berliner Staatskapelle, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Orchestre 'Pas de Loup' in Paris and in Italy the RAI Orchestras in Milan, Turin and Rome.
Marta Deyanova has recorded extensively for Harmonia Mundi, Balkanton and for Nimbus Records."
2018-07-28 00:42:35 UTC
Some of Prokofieff's "Visions fugitives " , Op.22, Nimbus cd, delightful playing :

2018-07-28 13:26:31 UTC
Scriabin’s Piano Sonata #5 , Nimbus cd :

Also at YT is her Nimbus recording of the complete Scriabin Mazurkas I’ll hear sometime.