Question about Rigoletto Recordings
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2021-10-10 21:53:59 UTC
Dear Friends,
I am a diehard Opera fan, but mostly late 18th thru 19th century Opera.
favorite Verdi Opera is Rigoletto.
I have the Callas La Scala recording from 1956 on Angel/ EMI. (I think it
is a federal regulation in the US for all Classical Record Collectors to
have that as a apart of thier core collection). I am for the most part an
collector so this is going to be an "analog" question for
LP collectors. I have in addition to the Callas LP set,
Remington RLP-199-58/60 w/Orlandina Orlandini as Gilda, Ivan Petroff as
Rigoletto, w/Erasmo Ghiglia cond. Orchestra of the Maggio Musicale
Fiorentino (Firenze,Italia)
Columbia Encore EL-2 La Scala Orch and Chorus w/Cav. Lorenzo Molajoli
conductor. Cast members incl.
Riccardo Stracciari, (Rigoletto?) Mercedes Capsir -Gilda, Dino Borgioli
(Duke of Mantua? or Rigoletto?)
The discography on this set is pretty sketchy. this Columbia Box set is
obviously from 78 rpm transfers,
I'd be interested if anyone in the newsgroup would have any discography
info, or history on these recordings and even some bios on the artists,
Callas LA Scala recording speaks for itself, but the Remington recording
although it suffers from marginal mono fidelity, is a true gem, wonderful
performances all way round, Orlandini is a superb Gilda, Petroff is also
excepltional as Rigoletto. On the Columbia Discs, I have very little, but
think the recordings date from the early 30's. Any help you can give
be most appreciated.
Kindest regards,
Tim Donovan
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2021-10-11 00:33:30 UTC
The broadcast should be a replay of this release:


This recording was made partly in 1927, and finished in 1930.
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